Northwest Medical Center
August 30, 2016

MARGATE, FL – Northwest Medical Center (NWMC), a facility of HCA East Florida, has invested $3 million to create the first hospital in South Florida to have a multitude of high-tech healthcare innovations under one roof, many of which are first in the area. By utilizing the latest technologies in patient care, nurses and physicians at NWMC are delivering more modern patient care than anyone else in the area. NWMC has been implementing these new technologies over the past year.

"Patients deserve a hospital with top doctors using the latest tools, treatments and technology to deliver the best possible care. By investing $3 million in essential, cutting edge technologies, we are cutting down on miscommunications, delays and creating a safer patient environment," said Erica Gulrich, CEO of NWMC. "We are excited to be the first to offer many of these technologies to our patients and caregivers."

Highlights of the technologies include:

· Visi-Mobile Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring: NWMC was the first hospital in Florida to tap into the power of wireless technology with the wrist-worn device, named the Visi (R) Mobile System. The device is saving lives and it is also allowing surgical patients at NWMC to get uninterrupted sleep knowing that they are being monitored 24/7. When nurses perform their hourly rounding, they no longer need to wake a patient up to check their blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate or oxygenation levels. The monitor can pick up any abnormalities and life-saving actions can be initiated right away.

· iMobile Clinical Communicators: In an era of smartphones, paper charts and dialing nurses stations to check up on patients is a thing of the past. Since iMobile was launched at NWMC, it has eliminated the need to constantly search for care team members and has enabled efficient delivery of clinical data and communications ensuring timely patient care decisions. Clinical specialists are equipped with iPhones when they arrive to work and they are able to send secure HIPAA compliant text messages, along with pull up their patient charts right at their fingertips. The technology integrates with other tools, like the Nurse Call systems and vital sign monitoring, which will allow for more efficient responses.

· CenTrak(R) Real-Time Location System (RTLS): Location tracking is drastically improving hospital efficiencies and quality of care. NWMC is working with CenTrak(R), the industry leader for Enterprise Location Services, to enable multiple clinical applications including: asset management, hand hygiene compliance monitoring, environmental / temperature monitoring, perioperative workflow, patient flow, staff locating and nurse call automation. NWMC is the only hospital in Broward County using this advanced locating technology.

· MyCare Electronic Whiteboards are being installed in all hospital rooms. Gone are the days of writing on a whiteboard with a dry erase marker. All patient information is updated on a digital whiteboard at NWMC. When a nurse enters a patient room the name of the nurse automatically populates onto the whiteboard so the patient knows exactly who is in their room. Patients will also be able to see their medications, goals for the day and upcoming procedures.

· HillRom Hand Hygiene goes high-tech with monitoring systems to improve compliance and reduce infection rates. NWMC staff are reminded to wash their hands when entering and exiting a patient room keeping patients and staff safe from the spread of infection.

These multiple advanced technologies communicate with each other to deliver seamless, streamlined, and meaningful communication among clinicians and the patients, enhancing the quality of care as staff devotes more time at the bedside with the patients who are the center of their exceptional care.

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