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“Sharing the Caring”

Northwest Medical Center views our volunteers as valuable resources to our staff, physicians, patients, community and all our customers. We strive to effectively motivate our volunteers and maintain their loyalty by providing them with the necessary skills to enhance their usefulness and their personal growth.
The Volunteer Services Program recognizes the needs of every individual volunteer and respects the following as reasons for participation in our Program:

  • to help people
  • to contribute to a cause
  • to gain or enhance a sense of self-satisfaction
  • to meet people and develop friendships
  • to gain practical experience
  • to share ideas, knowledge, expertise and experience
  • to share, gain or maintain skills or interests
  • to be connected to or reconnected with the community
  • to gain experience that contributes to making education, career and other choices
  • to make contacts for job search and other efforts
  • to fill in spare time with meaningful activity
  • to enhance self-confidence
  • to gain information, education or training
  • to be a member of a team

Volunteer Areas of Service Include:

  • Information Centers
  • Gift-Shop
  • Emergency Room
  • Medical Records
  • Pharmacy
  • Out-Patient Waiting Room
  • Out-Patient Surgical Suite
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Critical Care Waiting Room
  • Nursing Units
  • Physical Therapy/Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

Other Services Include:

  • Escort Services
  • Messenger Services
  • Clerical Services
  • Delivery Services/Flowers/Newspapers/Mail

Anyone interested in joining the Northwest Medical Volunteer Services team can call (954) 974-0400.