Posters and Manuscripts:

2017 Manuscript-Foreign Body-Induced Brodie's Abscess in the Calcaneus: A Rare Case Report, Journal of Science and Medicine: Foot & Ankle.

2017 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "Lateral Transfer of the Flexor Hallucis Longest Tendon for Treatment of Concomitant Peroneal Tendon Tears"

2017 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Early Freiberg's Disease"

2016 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "A Retrospective Analysis of Employing Sub-Talar Joint Arthroereisis in Cases of Sub-Talar Joint Arthritis"

Reconstruction of the Achilles Tendon After a Lawn Mower Accident Using an Autograft Gastrocnemius Aponeurosis Free Flap: A Case Report” – Scientific and Management Symposium, 2018

“Treatment of Early Stage Freiberg Disease with a Lesser Metatarsal Head Implant” – ACFAS ASC, 2018

"Road Rash in the Pediatric Patient: The Advantages of Mono- and Bilayer Bovine Collagen Glycosaminoglycan Matrices" --SAWC, 2019

"Finish the Job: The Use of Amniotic and Other Tissue Technologies in the Operating Room and Clinic When Limb Salvage Complications Arise", SAWC, 2019

The Evolution of Bilateral Limb Salvage: When the Good Foot Goes Bad” – Scientific and Management Symposium, 2019
Complications and Challenges of a Limb Salvage Chopart Amputation with Medial Plantar Artery Angiosome Rotational Flap” – Scientific and Management Symposium, 2019

"Nerve Allograft for Treatment of Traumatic Neuroma” - Scientific and Management Symposium, 2019

"Bullet Hole Sinus Tarsi:  Functional and Radiographic Outcomes Following a Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Talus with Vascular Injury" --ACFAS ASC 2020


Annual Scientific Conference of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), 2016-2020

Science and Management Symposium of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association, 2016-2020

ACFAS Arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle Course, 2016-2020

Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, 2019


BAKO Dermatopathology Fellowship in Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Kris Jerry (2018)- IIBEAA Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens, Greece under the direction of Androniki Drakou, MD

Dr. Jason Spector (2020)- St. Petersburg Innovative Foot & Ankle Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Eric Krznaric (2020)- South Central Pennsylvania Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Fellowship


OrthoFix External Fixation Course, April 2017

Integra External Fixation Course, February 2017

ACFAS Cadaveric Charcot Reconstruction Techniques, Austin, Texas - February 2016


Podiatry Institute Update Book 2017: Comprehensive Care and Management of Foot Infection with Immunocompromised Patient: A Case Report

2017 ACFAS Scientific Literature Review: Randomized Controlled Trial on Effectiveness of Intermittent Serial Casting on Spastic Equinus Foot in Children with Cerebral Palsy After Botulinum Toxin-A Treatment

Barry University Dr. Debra Kalfas Memorial Award for Community Service - Dr. Jason Spector (2017)

Barry University APMA Student of the Year - Dr. Jason Spector (2016)

Dr. Jason Spector, APMA Wound Care Podiatrist Scholarship Winner – Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (2019)