Posters and Manuscripts:

2017 Manuscript-Foreign Body-Induced Brodie's Abscess in the Calcaneus: A Rare Case Report, Journal of Science and Medicine: Foot & Ankle.

2017 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "Lateral Transfer of the Flexor Hallucis Longest Tendon for Treatment of Concomitant Peroneal Tendon Tears"

2017 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Early Freiberg's Disease"

2016 ACFAS Scientific poster presentation: "A Retrospective Analysis of Employing Sub-Talar Joint Arthroereisis in Cases of Sub-Talar Joint Arthritis"


75th Annual ACFAS National Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada - March 2017

74th Annual ACFAS National Conference, Austin, Texas - February 2016

APMA National Conference in Nashville, TN, 2017

Florida Podiatric Medical Association, Science and Management (SAM) Seminar, Orlando, FL, 2017


BAKO Dermatopathology Fellowship in Alpharetta, GA


OrthoFix External Fixation Course, April 2017

Integra External Fixation Course, February 2017

ACFAS Cadaveric Charcot Reconstruction Techniques, Austin, Texas - February 2016


Podiatry Institute Update Book 2017: Comprehensive Care and Management of Foot Infection with Immunocompromised Patient: A Case Report

2017 ACFAS Scientific Literature Review: Randomized Controlled Trial on Effectiveness of Intermittent Serial Casting on Spastic Equinus Foot in Children with Cerebral Palsy After Botulinum Toxin-A Treatment

Barry University Dr. Debra Kalfas Memorial Award for Community Service - Dr. Jason Spector (2017)

Barry University APMA Student of the Year - Dr. Jason Spector (2016)