We deliver dreams

When it comes to maternity services at Northwest Medical Center, we’ll focus on providing clinical excellence and specialized care for your delivery day, so you can focus on making this moment you’ve dreamed of into the memory of a lifetime.

Our maternity unit

Our Maternity Unit offers the following advanced features and high-end amenities:

  • Luxury private suites
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive
    Care Unit (NICU)
  • 24/7 board certified neonatologists
  • 24/7 OB/GYN hospitalists for
    laboring mothers
  • 24/7 Anesthesiologists dedicated to
    Labor & Delivery
  • Board-certified lactation consultants
    providing personalized breastfeeding
  • Low intervention birth options
  • Skin-to-skin and rooming-in services
  • Peanut balls
  • 55" smart TVs
  • Celebratory dinner offered to new parents
  • Fresh baked cookies available daily
  • Newborn photographer
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Online preregistration
  • Classes and tours
  • Dedicated Pediatric ER
  • VBACs

OB/GYN hospitalist program

Every minute counts when you are pregnant. As a mom, you want to know that when it’s time for your big day, you will receive the highest level of physician care from the moment you arrive in the hospital - and that's exactly what our OB/GYN Hospitalist Program offers.

Providing an additional layer of care for our patients, the OB Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is in-house 24/7 and provides coverage for:

  • emergencies
  • labor checks
  • labor management
  • deliveries
  • assistance with surgical procedures
  • assistance with C-sections
  • care for GYN emergencies
  • rounding on post-partum patients

When your doctor can't be there, ours will. By working directly with your doctor, we are able to bridge the gap of care until your personal physician arrives at the hospital. This added layer of protection for you and your baby ensures consistent, timely care by delivering 24/7 real-time triage and hospital-based obstetric coverage. Ultimately- Expectant moms and dads can rest assured knowing that OB/GYN physicians are ready, available and in the hospital to tend to any matters small or large, 24/7.

So, while you can count on your doctor to be there for your big moment, ours will be there for all of the moments in between.

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