Enhanced safety protections

Never delay care, during the global pandemic or otherwise, to avoid a trip to the emergency room. Specific symptoms, including those of heart attack or stroke, require professional medical evaluation and timely treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications or worse. Our emergency rooms have introduced enhanced precautions to ensure a safe environment for all involved. We are here for you and we are well-equipped to handle any health concern you may have.

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Emergency room in Margate, Florida

Northwest Medical Center's top priority is making sure you get the emergency care and comfort you need quickly. The experienced emergency physicians, medical care available 24/7 and pediatric emergency facilities in our ER ensures we can provide expert, compassionate care to fit a variety of patient needs.

If someone is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Pediatric emergency care

Northwest Medical Center has consistently been voted "Favorite Pediatric ER" by Readers' Choice City News. We achieve this recognition because we are continually striving to raise the bar on our level of care for our youngest patients. Our newly expanded pediatric emergency room (ER) has an area just for kids, with physicians on staff 24/7.

Our highly skilled team of pediatric nurses and board-certified pediatricians specialize in emergency medicine. We work together with parents to provide children with the expert care they deserve and also take pride in our team approach to pediatric care.

Our pediatric surgeons offer general surgery for pediatric issues in a safe and comforting environment for children. We keep parents informed throughout the process to ensure you are as involved as possible in your child's care and surgery plans.

What to expect at our ER

Upon arrival to the ER, a triage nurse will assess your symptoms and vital signs. Next, a registration clerk will gather your insurance and relevant medical information. We medically screen, evaluate and stabilize all patients whether or not they have insurance or are able to pay.

Incoming patients with severe, life-threatening illnesses or injuries will be treated first. All other patients will be treated in the order they arrived.

Before discharge, be sure to ask any questions and keep all paperwork, discharge information and medicines you have received.

What to bring with you to the ER

When coming to the ER, it is recommended to bring:

  • List of medicines you currently take
  • List of known allergies
  • Copy of results from recent medical tests, if available
  • Personal care preferences and restrictions
  • A responsible adult or phone number for someone to contact

When to go to the ER

Sometimes it's difficult to determine which level of care you need, such as whether you should go to the ER or wait for your doctor's office to open. Knowing where to go when you need immediate care can be life-saving. Northwest Medical Center's ER is open 24/7 to treat all types of emergency medical conditions.

If you are unsure if your symptoms require an ER visit, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (954) 601-8094 or learn more about common ER conditions and symptoms.