Intensive care in Margate

The intensive care unit (ICU) at Northwest Medical Center provides enhanced monitoring and services for critically ill patients in Broward County. Our expert staff uses advanced medical technology and offers 24/7 care to stabilize and treat patients.

For more information about our ICU, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (954) 601-8094.

What is the ICU?

Some patients come into the hospital with very serious injuries or medical conditions. The ICU at Northwest Medical Center is a designated unit within our hospital for critically ill, adult patients.

Patients in the ICU are usually hooked up to at least one piece of advanced equipment, such as a heart monitor or ventilator, and our specially trained staff of doctors and nurses monitor each patient around the clock.

Patients may be admitted to intensive care for:

  • Recovery from intensive surgery
  • Heart problems, such as extremely low or extremely high blood pressure, abnormal heartbeat or heart attack
  • Lung and breathing problems, such as acute asthma or severe pneumonia
  • Serious infections, including sepsis

Our staff is committed to providing compassionate care by keeping patients and their families fully informed throughout their time in the ICU.

Advanced medical care

Our goal is to ensure patients admitted to the ICU receive advanced medical care from a specially trained staff of ICU doctors and nurses. The ICU at Northwest Medical Center represents our ability to treat the most seriously affected and medically unstable patients.

Once admitted to the ICU, a team of specialists will decide on the most effective treatment options. If a patient is conscious and of sound mind, they will be directly involved in deciding on a treatment plan.

Our ICU team uses advanced technology for 24/7 monitoring of a patient's condition. With constant monitoring, the staff will be alerted if the patient needs immediate attention.

Cardiovascular intensive care

If a patient becomes critically ill due a cardiac condition, they may be transferred to our cardiovascular ICU (CICU). CICUs are staffed with physicians, nurses and technologists specially trained to provide advanced cardiovascular care and continuous monitoring for patients who have a serious heart problem, have experienced a cardiac event such as heart attack or heart failure, or are recovering from cardiac surgery.