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COVID-19 and Pregnancy - An Update for our Patients

We would like to take this opportunity to update you about your maternity care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and assure you that our dedicated team of expert nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to providing safe and effective care to every patient who walks through our doors.

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We Deliver Dreams at Northwest Women's Hospital

Maternity services in Margate, Florida

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In the maternity unit at Northwest Women's Hospital, you can trust our expert practitioners to provide a complete continuum of care—from preparing for childbirth to heading home with your newborn. We offer comprehensive labor and delivery services and comfortable amenities to ensure your experience is special for you and your child.

For more information about our labor and delivery services, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team, available 24/7, at (954) 601-8094.

Advanced labor and delivery care

Our team is committed to providing the support and care parents-to-be need during this very exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, time. Families in the Fort Lauderdale area choose us as their maternity hospital for:

  • A knowledgeable and compassionate staff of medical professionals that includes board-certified obstetricians and certified nurses who understand family-centered care
  • Computerized bedside charting, which allows closer and frequent monitoring of the mother-to-be during labor and more efficient patient tracking throughout your stay
  • A variety of childbirth classes to help you feel prepared for parenthood
  • A Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and 24/7 access to some of South Florida’s leading neonatologists
  • Highly trained anesthesiologists who are available around the clock
  • Preregistration for labor and delivery
To ensure you are ready for the big day, we make it convenient for you to pre-register online for labor and delivery.

Patient Testimonial- Local moms have amazing birth experience at Northwest Medical Center.

Preparing for childbirth

Along with choosing a pediatrician and discussing pain management options with your OB/GYN, there are other steps you can take to get ready for your baby's arrival.

Maternity tours

We invite you to tour our Women's Hospital prior to the big day. When tours are available in person, you may conveniently find tour availability and register for your tour online.

Video and virtual tours are also available below and include details on what you can expect during your labor and delivery and postpartum experiences at Northwest.

Video tour

Prenatal and parenting classes

We offer several educational classes for parents-to-be and their families, including:

  • Childbirth Education Series—First and Second Tuesday of each month
  • Baby Care 101—Third Thursday of each month
  • Super Star Sibling Class—First Sunday of each month
  • Breastfeeding 101—Second Thursday of each month
  • “Breastfriends” Breastfeeding Support Group—Third Saturday of each month

The class schedule may occasionally change due to holidays and special events. Please check our online calendar for the most up-to-date schedule and to register for classes.

What to bring to the birth center

Because babies have a timetable of their own, we suggest you have an overnight bag packed and ready to go well in advance of your due date. Items you may want to bring include:

  • Nightgowns, underwear and, if you plan to nurse, nursing bras and breastfeeding pillow
  • A comfortable robe and slippers
  • Personal items, such as a pillow and blanket
  • Toiletries and cosmetics, including lip balm
  • Phone charger
  • First picture and going-home outfit for baby
  • Comfortable going-home clothes for mom
  • Important phone numbers and information
  • An approved and properly installed infant car seat

The big day: baby's arrival

When you think you are in labor or your water breaks, call your physician immediately. They will notify us to prepare for your arrival. The labor and delivery unit is on the third floor. Upon your arrival, our staff will greet you and escort you to one of our rooms, where your labor status will be assessed.

Features of our maternity unit

We are committed to helping make your birthing experience memorable and unique through both expert childbirth services and high-end maternity suites designed with your comfort in mind. At Northwest Medical Center, you can expect:

  • Luxury private suites with 55-inch smart TVs
  • Low-intervention birth options
  • Peanut balls to assist with labor
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)
  • Lactation consultants
  • Skin-to-skin services
  • A celebratory dinner offered to new parents
  • Newborn photographer
  • Free Wi-Fi

Additional OB/GYN care during labor and recovery

When it’s time for your big day, you want to know that you will receive the highest level of physician care from the moment you arrive in the hospital. That's exactly what our dedicated team of OB/GYN hospitalists offers.

Providing an additional layer of care for our patients, our team of hospitalists provides in-house, 24/7 coverage for:

  • Labor checks and management
  • Deliveries
  • Assistance with surgical procedures
  • Assistance with cesarean sections (C-sections)
  • Care for OB/GYN emergencies
  • Postnatal care

When your doctor can't be there, ours will. By working directly with your doctor, we are able to bridge the gap of care until your personal physician arrives at the hospital. This ensures consistent, timely care by delivering 24/7 real-time triage and hospital-based obstetric coverage.

Postpartum care

Our comprehensive maternity services don't end after childbirth. We continue to provide individualized, expert care to both you and your newborn as you recover and prepare to return home.

During your stay, you will have access to many valuable sources of information, including your bedside information packet and a multitude of doctors and nurses. At any time during your stay, please ask our staff any questions you may have. It is our goal to educate you to the best of our ability, so that you feel confident in caring for your newborn once you get home.

Breastfeeding support

The American Academy of Pediatrics states human milk to be the preferred food for newborns as it is known to enhance a baby’s health, growth and development as well as provide many health benefits for mom.

Should you choose to breast feed your baby, our board-certified lactation consultants/RNs are available daily to provide one-on-one instruction, encouragement and support to breastfeeding mothers to help assure a successful experience.

Going home after childbirth

Any specific instructions concerning your or your baby’s care after discharge will be completed by your nurse.

  • A representative from the Medical Records Department will visit you after your delivery to help with the birth certificate process
  • Birth certificates are available through the health department
  • A request for a social security card will be submitted for you to the state

Per Florida law, you will need to provide an infant car seat for your baby’s ride home. Please familiarize yourself with this equipment and have it inside your vehicle prior to discharge.

Before you are sent home, you will be asked to provide the name of your pediatrician. We will notify them as soon as your baby is born. If you need help selecting a pediatrician, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a physician referral.

Northwest Medical Center offers continuing assistance to you and your family following your discharge; your nurse can provide a list of support groups and telephone numbers.

Visitors at the birth center

Our labor and delivery unit is open 24/7 with visitation at the mother's discretion.

Recognizing the importance of bonding with newborns, a support person of your choice is welcome to stay overnight.

Our maternity staff encourages family and close friends to visit once mom and baby are safely in the postpartum unit. However, proper rest for both you and your baby is important, so we ask that visitors come between 9:00am and 9:00pm

All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. We recommend that healthy siblings be the only children visiting. Individuals with colds or other illnesses are strongly discouraged from visiting during your stay.

To maintain patient privacy, we ask that visitors stay in the patient rooms or waiting areas.