Sophie B


Recently expanding our Pediatric Emergency Room to fulfill the needs of our community, Northwest Medical Center is proud to offer a dedicated unit for our smallest patients.

“My daughter was fishing with our family one afternoon and accidentally got a fish hook caught in her leg. Being that my mom is a pediatric nurse, I called her right away and she told me to take Sophie to the closest dedicated pediatric emergency room, just to be on the safe side, said Brittany B.”

Caring for 12,000 pediatric patients annually, our nurses sprang into action as soon as Sophie arrived.

“Being a pediatric nurse, I know how something so small could possibly turn into something much bigger, if not cared for properly,” said Caren B. “From the moment they arrived in the pediatric emergency room, until the moment they left, I knew my granddaughter and my daughter were in good hands.”

Fast, experienced and friendly, our team of specialty pediatric nurses had Sophie bandaged up and back home in just a few hours.

“Knowing that Northwest Medical Center has a dedicated pediatric emergency room so close to home is a big comfort. I was so pleased with our experience and the care my daughter received. I highly recommend Northwest’s pediatric ER for families in the area,” said Brittany.

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